Production that is friendly to people and the environment

Eco Design

The reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, the sustainable use of natural resources and the recycling of waste have now become standard practice for all production sectors.

Based on its long years of know-how and innovative spirit, Brianza Plastica S.p.A. has always paid particular attention not only to the impact of its production processes on the environment, but above all on the extreme importance of analysing the entire life cycle of its products, from design to end-of-life management. Thus, in 2020 the company introduced the UNI EN ISO 14006 guidelines on eco design.

A new eco-friendly packaging for Isotec

The search for continue innovation either from a performance point of view or environmental impact has brought Brianza Plastica to revolutionize the packaging system of ISOTEC ® panel range. This process, started in Carate Brianza, the main production site of the Company, consists in replacing the heat shrink film with a new stretch film which is lighter and 100% recyclable. This choice has allowed a remarkable saving of 21 TEP/year of non-renewable energy source and a drastic reduction of 25% in plastic per package used. For this last aspect, the new package is simpler and easier to dispose as waste on building sites.

Eco Friendly Production

Brianza Plastica has always stood out for its focus on safety, the environment and people, operating in full compliance with the current laws on environmental hygiene. With this in mind, the company has equipped its production sites with powerful suction systems that purify the internal environmental by conveying the solvents generated during the production process to highly advanced abatement systems. These latest generation systems are extremely innovative due to the process of concentration of the solvents and their destruction, and are self-powered thanks to the recovery of the heat generated by the combustion of the solvent.

The heat recovered from the combustion is partly reused to power the actual plant and partly to generate hot water for heating.

Valorisation of production waste and residues

In 2020, the company entered into a partnership with a major waste management facility aimed at “ennobling” the end-of-life of its waste and production residues in fibreglass, a composite and thermosetting material that historically has few sustainable recycling solutions.

Thanks to this collaboration, almost all of the waste coming from the production processes is now destined for use in cement and steelworks in the form of RDF (refuse derived fuel), which exploits the energy properties of the waste, and allows recovering all of the combustion ashes within the same production cycle. This decreases the use of fossil fuels and energy from non-renewable sources and thus helps to reduce CO2 emissions into the environment.

This partnership is part of a series of projects that the company has undertaken aimed at introducing a circular economy model that can be more sustainable for the world of fibreglass laminate production.


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